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Cressida Message Delivery Assurance and Governance Solutions for WebSphere® MQ

For point-in-time visibility, access and control over MQ processed critical business transactions and messages and to quickly isolate and handle tracking, auditing and regulatory compliance reporting and recovery requirements, Cressida offers a complete suite of Message Delivery Assurance and Governance solutions:

ReQuest™ for WebSphere® MQ - a WMQ Recovery Logs Analyzer solution
CeQuest™ for WebSphere® MQ - an MQ API Exit based Message Tracking solution

These products provide Point-in-Time Message Tracking, Message Reporting, Message Replay and Recovery, Charge-Back, Accounting, Compliance and Transactions Auditing solutions. ReQuest and CeQuest use advanced filtering technology to analyze critical message activity information already contained in the WMQ logs or available via the API Exit.

Cressida ReQuest MQ Recovery Log

WebSphere MQ (WMQ) creates log files that allow you to recover queues when there has been a hardware or WMQ failure. Writing these logs is not cheap in terms of system resources, but there are a number of potential benefits to having these logs. Unfortunately WMQ does not allow us to capitalize on most of these benefits.

IBM General ITM General Product Information

The IBM Tivoliâ Monitoring V6.1 solution is the next generation of IBM Tivoli family of products that help monitor and manage critical hardware and software in distributed environments.

    Redbook: Deployment Guide Series: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V 6.1

This Whitepaper Redbook focuses on the planning and deployment of IBM Tivoli Monitoring Version 6.1 in small to medium and large environments. The target audience for this redbook is IT Specialists, who will be working on new IBM Tivoli Monitoring, V6.1 installations.

Availability and ITIL Process Management Solutions White Paper

To ensure the high availability of mission-critical applications and optimize IT resources, many companies today are turning to formally defined processes and IBM Tivoli® availability management solutions. This White Paper helps show why that is.

Service Management and Business Priorities

Most IT managers have experienced the pain of the “domino effect” where multiple failures compound to create widespread angst across the company. This White Paper shows how IBM products can help address these issues.