Cressida ReQuest™
WMQ Solution:

- MQ Logs Message Reporting, Tracking, Recovery & Replay ... Read more
Cressida CeQuest™
WMQ Solution:

- MQ API Message Tracking, Auditing, Collection, Reporting and Replay ... Read more
Cressida SynQuest™
WMQ Solution:

- Production Strength MirrorQ, Synchronization & Disaster Recovery ... Read more
WMQ Solution:

- Tracks and Reports Who Changed What, Where, When for WMQ Objects... Read more

WMQ Message Assurance Pac

For visibility, access and control over critical business transactions and messages & to quickly isolate and resolve potential performance or find missing messages from multiple vantage points and environments, Cressida offers the WebSphere MQ Message Assurance Solution Pac:
  • Transaction Response Time Tracking
  • Messaging Systems Monitoring and Configuration
  • Cressida Tivoli Monitoring Platform Extension
  • WMQ Message Content Based Utilities for Alerting, Standardization, Replication, Message Tracking
  • Systems Monitoring Alerts and Automation
  • Recovery Logs Analysis Solution to Find and Track Messages
  • Mutiplatform Message Replication and Synchronization
  • 3 days on-site Proof of Concept/Pilot Project Services

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Another Cressida Solution

Cressida InQuest™ for WMQ

Message Content Based Alerting, Standards Enforcement & Replication
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Case Studies

Read how our solutions have helped our customers in managing their WebSphere MQ environments ...

AEGON Asset Management UK, Tracks and Recovers Missing WebSphere® MQ Messages With Cressida ReQuest™

ReQuest not only has found what they were looking for, it was able to help them better understand how WMQ Logs actually work. It also gave them control over practically every fault situation by analyzing the available WMQ recovery logs. Click to read the full case study

Cressida’s ReQuest™ Speeds EDF Energy's New CRM Application System Rollout

Cressida’s ReQuest™ for WebSphere MQ provided EDF Energy with a reliable, scalable, flexible solution to their requirement for a reliable Replay facility to test and migrate their important new application to the production environment. Click to read the full case study