Cressida Technology

Our core competencies:

  • WebSphere MQ Message Delivery Assurance, Governance and Management solutions (Cressida Technology), Applications and Systems Performance, Availability and Service Delivery solutions (IBM Tivoli and Cressida Technology).

  • Enterprise Application Integration utilizing WebSphere, WebSphere MQ, MQSI, Lotus Notes and other related application integration and messaging technologies.

  • Significant Solution oriented skills to ensure technical delivery of our Software To Be Sure objectives; to provide technical training and education; to help develop and integrate business applications; or to help our customers securely implement and manage their systems. We have the technical team who can get it done, get it done fast and do so at a lower cost than available elsewhere.

Software To Be Sure: Our software solutions focus is on on-going research and matching of your requirements with high quality and reasonably priced security and business assurance solutions. We invest in obtaining solid technical skills for our carefully selected solutions and add local language sales and technical expertise before introducing them to the marketplace.

Our primary goal is to work with you in helping to safely deploy and manage your complex software systems. High levels of technical competency, ensuring that you obtain the maximum benefit from those systems, back up our software assurance solutions.

Our Territory Coverage prides itself in employing locally present and native language sales and technical professionals in the territories we operate in.

Our corporate culture is driven by and based on treating our customers and partners fairly, honestly, and respectfully. Business decisions are made according to these principles and shall be the guiding light of our future success.