Cressida Object Auditor™ for WebSphere MQ
Key Features:

  • Tracks and Reports on unauthorized Changes to WMQ objects, allows user selective Restore option to undo unwanted changes.
  • Can be used in "Baseline only" mode to compare against a specific baseline/previous settings OR it can be used in "Active Collection Mode"
  • Baseline Images can be created manually, or on schedule to Report differences between the Current and a Baseline state, or between any two Baseline states
    • Allows Selective Restore of object definitions to the oldest date
  • "Active Collection Mode" tracks all changes to WMQ objects, either using the Cressida API Exit to capture the changes in real time, or WMQ Command and Configuration Events:
    • When/what/who
    • (De)Centralized storage of captured changes
    • TCP/IP and/or WMQ to transfer captured data
    • Undo selected changes as user may required