Cressida CeQuest™ for WebSphere MQ
Key Features:

Cressida's CeQuest™ is designed to use the standard MQ Exit API facility to track message activity.

CeQuestâ„¢ collects message related information, analyzes the collected data and provides displays of user requested message tracking, auditing and diagnostic reports for both persistent and non-persistent messages.

  • Easily track missing or delayed messages
    • Was the message put? Retrieved?
    • How far did the reply get?
  • Provides a complete breakdown of end-to-end response time:
    • What time was the message put?
    • What time was the message received?
    • Where was the delay?
  • Easy auditing and regulatory compliance
    • What was in this message?
    • When was the message sent? By whom?
    • What happened to the message?
  • Flexibility
    • Select combinations of MQMD and MQRFH header fields & message data
    • Report across multiple queue managers on multiple hosts.
    • No impact on other queues, even on the same queue manager.
    • Bring all the information together in a single report.
  • Efficiency
    • Obviates need for separate logging by an API wrapper.
    • Specify a queue set across multiple queue managers and hosts.
    • Define filters to exclude unwanted messages.
    • Uses standard MQ API Exit to track message activity.